Italia del Gusto Servizi

The creation of Italia del Gusto Services is the third phase of the development of Italia del Gusto. Established in April 2017, while the original Italia del Gusto organisation operates to sell and promote Italian products abroad, the new Services Division was created to deal with the buying of goods and services.

Implement centralized purchasing strategies

Create synergies to rationalise supplier numbers

Create added value and generate savings (also achieved through policies)

Create best practices

Simplify processes leading to improved efficiency and savings

Create and / or increase the quality of suppliers


The new division aims to become an essential expert resource for the buyers of our associated companies, creating both centralised and customised strategies to meet any need. Thanks to the network and sales volumes generated by its partners our Consortium creates synergies, reducing the number of suppliers and improving the final quality of products and services. The advantages are measurable in term of economic impact, simplification of procedures and in the creation of best practices and policies.


The Consortium works through a team of Category Buyers, dedicated to various sectors. The number of these categories is constantly increasing and ranges from energy to insurance, from vehicle fleets to digital services. In 2019, new categories will be launched.

The IDG services portal

In October 2017, a new online service for member companies was intoduced. It consists of a web portal allowing users to read the latest trade news, gain access to a common database and to create new forum debates in which to exchange information and meet challenges with the help of expert Category Buyers from Italia del Gusto.