Vecchia Romagna

Jean Bouton, descended from a family of French distillers, he was the official supplier of Napoleon’s Court. Once Napoleon’s Empire started to collapse, moved to Italy where he found a terroir similar to that of the Charente region, the land of Cognac. In 1820 he opened a distillery in Bologna, the ancient Italian city, and after fascinating experiments he created Vecchia Romagna.

The original distinctive triangular bottle of Vecchia Romagna still represents one of its unique selling points. This unique and unmistakable brandy is known and enjoyed all over the world.

Queen of the spirits market, produced and aged in what has been hailed as the “city of Brandy”, San Lazzaro-Ozzano Emilia, in one of the five best-equipped facilities in Europe, Vecchia Romagna has gone from strength to strength since it became part of Gruppo Montenegro in 1999.