Valfrutta - Nature at its best!

Our story started in 1966, with a social and cultural project aimed at supporting agriculture: three fruit and vegetable cooperatives in the Emilia region were born. In 1972 the little consortium converted to the industrial organisation and developed rapidly over the following years in both production capacity and the range of products, welcoming new cooperatives as members and laying the foundations for its national and international growth.

The strength of Valfrutta is now our social base: over 14,000 farmers grouped into 51 cooperatives, with land in Italy, grow their fruit and vegetables in open fields using 'integrated farming' systems, an advanced eco-friendly agricultural system which is aimed at minimizing the usage of chemical additives and take into consideration people,values, the respect for nature and its fruits. All Valfrutta products are grown following the rhythms of the seasons and are processed using only renewable energies. . We believe human enthusiasm and technology are the perfect combination and this belief is the result of combining tradition and the mission of a European brand which keeps pace with the times.

Times have changed, but Valfrutta commitment to offering the goodness of a healthy and natural product has not: 100% Italian, direct control from the seed to packaging and reduced processing times which maintain the natural freshness of the crops. The celebrated pay-off "La natura di prima mano" (nature at its best) was created in 1987 and still goes on, to communicate the core values of Valfrutta now and then: naturalness, goodness and tradition. Enter the Valfrutta world and discover the joys of a healthy and natural diet with vegs and fruits! A complete range of products for all the family: vegetable and pulses preserves, steam cooked range, organic range, tomato preserves, fuits preserve, fruit juices.