Acqua Minerale San Benedetto – From the roots to the spring

The story of Acqua Minerale San Benedetto begins on 10 April 1956 when, in the heart of the Park of the River Sile, the first facility of the Group was set up for bottling the mineral waters of Scorzè in the province of Venice: Fonte San Benedetto and Fonte Guizza. The company takes its name from the spring of the same name, which has been known since the times of the Venetian Republic as an ‘Ancient Spring of Health’, its waters much sought-after by Venetian families for its healing properties.

San Benedetto soon grew from a small local producer into a company with a nationwide scope operating the length and breadth of Italy, with strong interests also beyond its national borders. Today, it is an ‘all embracing’ group with multiple specialisations and channels, that operates successfully in all segments of non-alcoholic beverages.

The company has always upheld its verve for innovation, technology and service, product and process, thanks to which it has achieved leadership not only in numbers, but also in its ideas and their applications, which succeed in meeting the real needs of consumers. This ongoing evolution has led to the repositioning of its offer in a premium outlook with products such as Antica Fonte della Salute - the purest ‘thousand-year’ water - and Prestige Rose Edition, the bottle that represents the perfect interpretation of all the excellences of San Benedetto: freshness, purity, lightness and refinement.