Sammontana Italia is the expression of Italian entrepreneurship, based on tradition, quality, experience and innovation, which for over seventy years has continued to enthuse Italians. It’s a story which began in 1946 in Empoli, in the heart of Tuscany, thanks to the Bagnoli family who are still at the helm of the company today.

Sammontana is the most important company with completely Italian capital in the packaged ice cream sector, while it is in second place in Italy next to the big ice-cream multinationals. Sammontana is also the leading company in the frozen croissant market, with the first two brands in the category - Tre Marie Croissanterie and Il Pasticcere.

Sammontana Italia has three production sites located throughout Italy: Empoli, where the company's headquarters and main ice cream production plant are situated, Verona and Vinci.