Polenta Valsugana

Polenta Valsugana. Always a good idea.
Polenta Valsugana is the leading brand in the instant polenta category.

The unique goodness of Polenta Valsugana is the result of the copious research carried out on the quality of the raw materials and the company’s respect for the exclusive dual steaming method used to cook the maize. The unique pre-steaming process makes the maize flour suitable for instant use, enhancing its taste and texture.

The maize used in Polenta Valsugana is cultivated in Italy, under the watchful eye of expert agronomists who monitor every phase of its growth, from when the seeds are sown to the harvest. The selected maize, 100% Italian, is transported to the mill, where it is turned into flour: for Polenta Valsugana, only the finest parts of the grain are milled, to obtain a highly digestible flour with a low fat content.