Parmalat - a company at the service of its consumers

Milk and Fruit are basic food for wellbeing, unique in everyone’s daily diet. Parmalat is the only Italian company that offers to about 20.000.000 Italian families and to over 200.000.000 consumers all over the world a complete range of products made with these two basic ingredients of nutrition. Milk and Fruit by themselves are not enough to build a successful company, appreciated by its consumers: the professional commitment of its employees is Parmalat’s real competitive advantage.

A responsibility that during the years has been a success model that has at its bases:

  • a careful selection of the raw materials
  • a trustworthy and complete control process of raw materials
  • a continuous challenge towards innovation
  • a continuous study of evolution of consumers’ needs.
Following this model, Parmalat has arrived to specialize its competencies towards products able to satisfy better and better the consumers’ needs, suppling him with solutions for a well-balanced and healthy nutrition.

Some of these products are
UHT Milk: Parmalat Full fat and partially skimmed Milk, Zymil Lactose free Milk, Omega3 Milk.
Chef UHT cream: Plain cooking Cream, Flavoured Cream with Mushrooms, 4 Cheese, Salmon, Truffle, Whipping Cream.
Chef Bechamel.
Santàl Fruit juices and Drinks: Juices 100%, Nectars, Drinks, Fruit and Milk Beverages.