Italy is a country full of natural and architectural wonders, from the most famous monuments to the smallest evocative views. Up to the fields where Orogel cultivates only the best vegetables, choosing the most suitable lands, following the rhythm of nature and taking care of every details, from sowing to harvesting, and to your table. To offer, in every product, all the flavour of Italian wonderful lands.

Orogel’s member farms work day after day in Italy on the best suited growing lands, joined in a common goal: offer the finest possible range of fruit and fresh frozen vegetables. A philosophy that puts in first place quality to bring on the table freshness, flavour and safety of a good fresh-picked products. A real commitment to preserve the best of nature, to pursue a correct and healthy diet and to ensure the body’s wellbeing. A strong sense of responsibility towards environment, nature, seasons and human beings is at the heart of our work, today and for the future.

Orogel is deeply committed to the way it farms and processes food, following the rhythm of the seasons, rigid control plans and high quality standards. Orogel brings a taste of nature to the Italian cuisine, ensuring full traceability of the process and production systems that respect the environment and the nature that surrounds us. Orogel always offers the very best, thanks to the work of its member farms and the efficiency of a pioneering organization that manages directly the entire production chain.