MEDUSA – THE SEAFOOD SPECIALISTS SINCE 1861  - Quality and passion every day, from one generation to the other.

Seriousness, work commitment and deep love for the sea have distinguished company’ origins and still today reflect on the spirit that drives it. Behind company professionalism is its big passion for the tradition, the research and the everyday new challenges, which underpin company nonstop improvement on product and process development, to better meet the ongoing changing needs of a market always more and more demanding. The deep knowledge of raw materials and transformation processes represents a real company heritage passed down from one generation to the other.

Thanks to the extraordinary care that the company has in the preparation and transformation of the raw material, Medusa products have become the benchmark brand in the market of fresh fish-based ready meals. Excellent raw materials, certified processes and a long tradition are the recipe of company success that for over 150 years and for four generations brings to the tables of consumers the best recipes of the Italian maritime tradition. Today the Regnoli seafood gastronomy offers a wide range of proposals referring not only to the different combinations of seafood and octopus’ salads, but also extremely delicate swordfish, salmon and octopus carpacci, classic anchovies and mackerel fillets, fresh molluscs and crustaceans-based sauces up to more elaborate gastronomic preparations, such as mixed fried fish, seafood and cereals salads.

The eel represents the company's tradition and has also inspired the company brand that recalls the Greek mythology character Medusa which, instead of snakes, in the company brand presents eels. A noble symbol that finds in its name a key meaning in the interpretation of company attachment to the tradition. Medusa in Greek means "custodian", as well as the company brand feels custodian of tradition values, sustainability and naturalness of its products.