Filippo Berio

The story of the company began in 1867 in Lucca, when the young Filippo Berio began crafting olive oils worthy of his family and friends. Season by season, his fame grew and, before long, he was hailed as Italy’s premier olive oil connoisseur. The late 1800s saw thousands of Italians emigrating across the world. Already acclaimed in Italy, Filippo Berio recognised this new opportunity and set sail for America, securing orders from scores of Italian importers, hoteliers, retailers and restaurateurs – the foundation of Filippo Berio’s worldwide reputation.

Shortly before Filippo Berio death a new partnership was formed and in 1919 his friend Dino Fontana, with other wine and oil merchants, established the Salov Group Olive Oil Company. Over the ensuing years, the Salov Group expanded rapidly with the Filippo Berio brand becoming famous in many more countries. Like wine, olive oil is affected by soil, climate, the variety of the fruit, harvesting methods and the production process. And Filippo Berio is renowned for the stringent controls it applies to every stage: from sourcing olives, through harvesting, pressing, blending and bottling the final product.

Whether it’s for a single estate olive oil or an everyday cooking oil, Filippo Berio constantly sets new standards of excellence in olive oil production. With a unique history and a dedication to quality that’s instilled in every part of the Company, Filippo Berio is proud to offer a world-beating, natural and healthy product.