Cirio - Autentico Italiano.

The Italian cuisine is one of the oldest in the World and some of the dishes enjoyed today, such as Polenta, remain almost unchanged since when they were prepared for Roman soldiers about 2000, years ago. Originally brought from the Americas by European explorers, tomatoes - pomodori or 'apples of gold' - were fount to thrive in Italy's climate and quickly flourished to become a common and vibrant ingredient in everyday meals cooked by Italians.

The influence of tomatoes on the Italian cuisine is unquestionable. Bringing versatility, intense vibrant colour and deep flavours to enrich many dishes that still enjoy global popularity - from the finest restaurants to everyday home cooking - no product has defined the Italian cuisine more than the tomato, and this is where the expertise of Cirio lies. As the brand of choice for 'tomato fashionados', Cirio exceeds the demands and expectations of professional chefs and households through its passion and dedication to perfection, bringing the most authentic taste of Italy to any recipe.

Francesco Cirio was the pioneer of the canned tomatoes industry in 1856. Nowadays the brand belongs to one of the most prestigious agri-food company in the world. Tradition combined with advanced technologies, to provide a deeply specialised range. With a co-operative group of over 14,000 farming companies who love and respect their land, growing healthy and tasty products. 100% Italian tomatoes, matured on sun-drenched soils, harvested at the peak of their ripeness and processed in 24 hours. The top selection raw produce monitored and certi¬ed from “seeds to fork”.