Cannamela - Sapori di Casa.

Cannamela was founded in Bologna in 1956, inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Cannamela family. It went from strength to strength over the years until 1995 when it became part of Bonomelli, an important move that would allow it to stay in Bologna and invest in improving its production processes and technologies, generating a quadruplicate increase in revenue.

Today, Cannamela is a household name in Italy and the nation’s leading brand of herbs and spices. This is the result of a strong managerial vision, the company’s investment in cutting edge technologies throughout the supply chain and its full supervision of the entire production process. It purchases its raw materials directly in the countries of origin, selecting the best crops from all over the world through long-term partnerships with small and medium-sized producers as part of a shared sustainable development pla.

In recent years, important steps have been taken in the Research & Development and Consumer Marketing areas, characterised by a focus on the quality of the products and on innovation, a winning approach centred on the consumer’s needs.