Auricchio - Made by Hand. Tradition and Quality.

Auricchio company was founded in 1877 in San Giuseppe Vesuviano – province of Naples – by Gennaro Auricchio, the inventor of the “special recipe” or – so it was called – the “secret of Don Gennaro” that gives to AURICCHIO its unique in the world flavour. Today the Group is managed by the three brothers Antonio, Giandomenico and Alberto Auricchio, whose aim is to assert the uniqueness of “Made in Italy” products all over the world.The historical company, a world leader in the production of Provolone cheese, leads a Group with 8 manufacturing factories in Italy and brands known all over the world .

A wide selection of cheeses, manufactured with the passion, care, craftmanship of a company that for almost 140 years has given its name to the best cheeses of Italian tradition: from Mozzarella to Parmigiano Reggiano, from Taleggio to Quartirolo Lombardo, Gorgonzola and Ricotta, from Pecorino Romano to Truffle Pecorino, not to speak of Provolone Auricchio, the “king” of its cheeses. In the Auricchio factories the traditional craftmanship that gives unique, old-time flavours goes along with the latest technologies, which ensure the highest levels of hygiene and food safety.

Auricchio needs to strongly support its principles : the love for products of excellent quality, the trust of the Clients, both in the company and the brand, the respect towards consumers that increasingly reward the manufacturing efforts and investments. Despite its international standing, AURICCHIO has always preserved its family-run structure. This is what Giovanni Ansaldo wrote on the magazine “Borghese” in 1950: “The true secret of provolone Auricchio lies in mentality, in ancient customs adapted to present day, yet preserved in quiet awareness …”.