AMICA CHIPS - a totally Italian story

In the 1990’s Mr. Moratti and Mr. Romanò, in a small town in the Northern Italy have created “AMICA CHIPS”, a company for the production of chips and snacks. After only 28 years, the company became leader in the market with a capillar presence in all chain of hypermarkets, supermarkets, normal trade, horeca, cash&carry and vending machine. Few years ago Amica Chips started to export its products to 27 countries in the world. Today Amica Chips is a branded company thanks to continuous investments in research and innovation.

AMICA CHIPS was a simple idea based on a winning strategy, designed to capture the snacks market through the high quality of raw materials, strict quality controls and using advanced technological systems. Our products are sold in all Italian hypermarkets, supermarkets, cash & carry stores, as well as by catering companies (horeca) and vending machines, and are distributed through all important chains: Carrefour, Auchan, Lekkerland, Conad, Esselunga, Hyper, Metro, etc.

The Amica potato Chips are the most popular product on the Italian market. The secret of this success is certainly the high quality of raw materials carefully chosen among 3/4 varieties of Italian and European potatoes and only 100% sunflower seed oil, while for ELDORADA and ALFREDO’S chips the cutting process, together with the “Spinner Method” allow removal of 30% of fats compared to classic potato chips while keeping taste and crunchiness. The Amica Chips company is certified according to the HACCP, IFS FOOD and CCPB (organic chips).