For over a hundred years, Negroni has been a leader in the Italian delicatessen sector as well as a reference point for consumers seeking high-quality standards in meat, without sacrificing taste. With its line of Parma Ham, San Daniele, Prosciutti Cotti, Mortadella Bologna, the very famous salamino Negronetto, the entire selection of salami, cold cuts and precooked, Negroni offers a unique consumer experience. Tradition and innovation come together to create quality and constantly evolving products: the profound corporate culture of the brand and the research are the two cornerstones on which Negroni was founded and on which the brand still aims to guarantee the best.

Always attentive to the needs of consumers, the new market trends and with a vigilant eye towards the choice of raw materials, Negroni offers an inimitable consumer experience and taste. The complete control of the production chain - from the nourishment of the animals to the distribution of the finished product - guarantees high quality and high sanitary standards in line with European standards, obtaining high international certifications in terms of quality and research.

Negroni has seven production plants: Cremona (for salami), Zibello (where the famous seasoned products come from), Correggio (cold-cuts centre), two production centres in San Daniele (where the prosciutto arrives), Tizzano Val di Parma (for Parma Ham) and commercial branches in France and Switzerland.