AIA was established in 1968 from the intuition of Apollinare Veronesi, founder of the Veronesi Group. Since then, the brand has been the guarantor of high-quality standards, thanks to thorough checks carried out along the entire production chain, the pride of the Veronesi Group: from feeds, breeding, processing and processing of meat, up to get to the distribution of finished products at the point of sale.
A leader in the poultry sector, AIA is a symbol of innovation and success: in the last fifty years, it has brought memorable novelties to Italians' tables, achieving great successes and influencing Italian trends and lifestyles, positioning itself as the undisputed leader in the market.

The history of AIA and its successes demonstrates how the ability to study and create new experiences of taste has allowed the uniting of two characteristics, in a single stroke, at first sight distant and yet complementary: the importance of tradition and continuous experimentation. AIA is not only an important production reality but a guarantee mark that constantly increases its range of products in a continuous process of innovation and quality.

Moreover, since 2017 AIA became "The biggest kitchen in Italy" in which the challenges of Italian Chefs come to life through new TV commercials and a dedicated web project, AIA products become the undisputed protagonists of this project culinary, entering the homes of Italians.